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Welcome to the official author's page of Jaycee DeLorenzo! I write New Adult contemporary romances and sometimes dabble in speculative/sci-fi romances.  


Coming Sepetember 1st, My Only Escape, the first in a six-book serial about a cop and a fugitive falling in love. 

Ten days. Less than two weeks and I would have escaped my living hell at home and gone off to the college I'd worked my ass off to get into. Thinking I was home free, I got complacent and let my guard down at the worst possible moment. The situation started out bad and quickly escalated into something worse. 

The next thing I knew, myself and another were on the run from the law and hiding out in the small town of Coleville, Arizona. We had new names, new histories, and I had a new job, slinging hash at a diner for fifteen hours a day just to scrape by. It wouldn't have been so bad if the one I'd run with, the one I used to draw strength from, wasn't losing himself in a bottle and slowly being torn apart by paranoia 

Then Bryce Curtis walked into the diner. He wanted to make me smile and chase the haunted look from my eyes. I tried to stay away, knowing I had no business dragging such a good guy into the train wreck that was my life, but somehow he maneuvered past the barricade tape around my heart and took up residence there anyway. It would have been the perfect set-up for a fairy tale if not for two inescapable facts: 1) he was a cop, and 2) he would stop at nothing to know all my secrets.